Dick Gaughan

Dick Gaughan is a Scottish singer-songwriter. He was brought up immersed in the musical traditions and culture of the Gaels, both Scots and Irish, which by his own admission, has provided the foundation for everything he does

Although he's played in bands down through the years - Boys of the Lough, Five Hand Reel and Clan Alba amongst them - he's best known for his prodigious solo work which has generated a number of truly classic albums. His subjects range widely from political songs of protest through to the great Scots traditional ballads, the 'Muckle Sangs', as they've been called but whatever he sings, it's delivered with passion and conviction. 

As The Scotsman once described it: 'you go home from a Dick Gaughan session feeling exhilarated, not just at the wonderful skills of the most potent singer ever to emerge from the Scottish folk-music revival, not just at the astonishingly fluent and explosively eloquent guitar playing, but by the sense of the stark exposition of wrong and the tremulously argued legitimacy of right. Even those who disagree profoundly with his view of life recognise the conviction and the supreme artistry.' (More on Dick Gaughan's website...)

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